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Climate and Climatic Change Group


The Climate and Climatic Change Group operates within the Department of Physics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. The group addresses topics in the field of climate science and its focus is to provide useful insight on contemporary environmental issues and challenges, using modern approaches and tools. The group is led by Assistant Professor Chris G. Tzanis and includes postdoctoral scientists, PhD candidates, research associates as well as graduate and post-graduate students.

The main aim of the group is to produce and deliver scientific knowledge that will contribute towards a profound understanding of the physics and dynamics of the climate system. The group carries out a wide range of activities with emphasis in the research fields of climate change and variability, nonlinear processes and properties of the climate system, energy and climate, ambient air quality, greenhouse gases, aerosols, remote sensing, atmospheric physics and chemistry and statistical modelling using artificial neural networks and machine learning methodologies.